Evaluation Report of the Aboriginal Family Violence Prevention and Legal Service Victoria's Early Intervention and Prevention program


Aboriginal Family Violence Prevention and Legal Service (FVPLS) Victoria provides legal services to Aboriginal victims of family violence and sexual assault, advocates for legal and policy reform and conducts a range of activities as part of its Community Legal Education (CLE) program. The CLE program incorporates Early Intervention and Prevention (EIP) activities which have been created by, and for, Aboriginal women. This evaluation study considers outcomes of these EIP activities: Sisters Day Out, Dilly Bag and Dilly Bag: The Journey. The evaluation project aims to provide information to FVPLS Victoria and assist in its assessment of: whether the programs’ expected outcomes are being achieved; whether the programs are meeting the needs of Aboriginal victims/survivors of family violence and sexual assault. The evaluation project also aimed to provide a qualitative and quantitative evidence base which will allow FVPLS Victoria to explore further funding options. This report presents the findings of the EIP Program Evaluation Project.

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