Family violence

Authors: Atkinson, Judy

This presentation contains a series of talking points discussing childhood trauma, including abuse and neglect, and ways of healing. These are the PowerPoint slides used as the basis of a […]

In Canberra, members of the Indigenous population are five times more likely to be affected by family violence than the non-Indigenous population. The purpose of this study is to examine […]

Often service providers find Indigenous victims of violence with disabilities as a group ‘too hard to handle’. In Victoria, assistance to that group is likely to be unavailable or inappropriate […]

This report presents the findings of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs inquiry into Australia’s family law system, and recommendations to improve its response […]

Indigenous people experience a disproportionately high burden of interpersonal violence. This paper compares the demographic characteristics and injury circumstances of male and female Indigenous Australians hospitalised due to interpersonal violence […]

In June 2007, the Australian Government responded to the report of the Northern Territory Board of Inquiry into Protection of Aboriginal Children with the announcement of a package of 12 […]

The aims of the Derby/West Kimberley project were to increase awareness and understanding of domestic violence in the Derby community; to develop and implement culturally appropriate strategies for the intervention […]

A range of legislative models for the delivery of child welfare services to Indigenous communities have developed in a number of countries within different historical and political contexts. In each […]

The Aboriginal Child Sexual Assault Taskforce was established to consult widely with Aboriginal communities, community based services and government departments about child sexual assault within Aboriginal communities, which will result […]

Warringa Baiya is a facility that specialised in providing legal information, advice, casework, education and advocacy for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and children who are, or have been, […]