Makin Tracks: Final Evaluation Report


The Aboriginal Alcohol and Drug Council’s Makin Tracks project, which began in 1999, aimed, among other things, to develop a multi strategy plan for intervention strategies for Aboriginal solvent and drug misusers in selected Aboriginal communities in South Australia. This report presents the findings of an evaluation of the project, against both its original objectives and its revised objectives, with regard to specific performance indicators. The evaluation finds that Makin Tracks met its primary objective. This included establishment of a Steering Committee, development of an intervention strategy plan, obtaining commitments of cooperation from other agencies, and establishment of a resource base for the project, including a mobile patrol. The team maintained a high level of output, including servicing communities over a large area of South Australia. The project also met its revised objective: the provision of support and/or training and general backup for organisations and workers providing substance misuse services in selected communities. The project has been important for both the achievement of its objectives and for the light it sheds on elements that contribute to the successful implementation of Aboriginal substance misuse projects in general.

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