Mparntwe/Alice Springs Social Order Response: 2022-2023


Mparntwe/Alice Springs is the land of the Arrernte people who have lived in the Central Australia desert for tens of thousands of years. Alice Springs is situated roughly in Australia’s geographic centre and is the third largest town in the Northern Territory.

There are 16 Town Camps in Mparntwe, which are located on the fringes of the township, home to over 600 individual members. Tangentyere Council offers service provision to more than 270 individual households in the Alice Springs Town Camps and in excess of 10,000 people from a region that covers approximately 873,894 square kilometres having strong cultural links into remote Central Australia. Town Camps are culturally and linguistically rich with more than five Aboriginal languages and cultures being spoken and practised.

This report is a response from the Northern Territory Government to the latest crime statistics that show that commercial break-ins, house break-ins and property damage has risen significantly in the past 12 months, and there have been more assaults, including domestic and family related assaults. This is having a significant impact on the health and wellbeing of people living in Alice Springs, as well as the economy, resulting in financial stress to business owners.

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