Crime prevention

Authors: Andrews, Rikki

Between 1999 and 2003 traffic and vehicle regulatory offences accounted for 11.9 per cent of recorded offences among Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara, a remote Aboriginal (APY) community in South Australia. The […]

In June 2007, the Australian Government responded to the report of the Northern Territory Board of Inquiry into Protection of Aboriginal Children with the announcement of a package of 12 […]

Publishers: University of Ottawa

This paper explores the challenges of crime prevention through social development in those Aboriginal communities in Canada that are commonly associated with cross-border activities that comprise a central element of […]

This brief examines the effectiveness of measures that aim to reduce non-violent offending by Indigenous people in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. Drawing on the literature available, the […]

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This brief provides an analysis of Alcohol Management Plans (AMPs); a relatively new instrument joining the extensive range of regulations relating to alcohol supply and consumption. AMPs vary in design […]

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In August 2006, the Northern Territory Government created the Board of Inquiry into the Protection of Aboriginal Children from Sexual Abuse to research and report on allegations of sexual abuse […]

Under its Law and Justice Program, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Services (ATSIS) provides legal aid to Indigenous Australians, as well as preventative and diversionary services, support for the resolution […]

In light of the unacceptable and increasing numbers of substantiated cases of child abuse and neglect, the Australian Government has committed to developing a national framework for protecting children, and […]

In May 2008 the Government established an 11-member national council which was tasked was to provide the Government with advice on the development of an evidence-based national plan of action […]

This report presents reviews the effectiveness of ADVOs in protecting victims of domestic violence. Included in the report is a brief overview of current research on the protective effectiveness of […]