Crime prevention

Authors: Andrews, Rikki

Between 1999 and 2003 traffic and vehicle regulatory offences accounted for 11.9 per cent of recorded offences among Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara, a remote Aboriginal (APY) community in South Australia. The […]

Publishers: University of Ottawa

This paper explores the challenges of crime prevention through social development in those Aboriginal communities in Canada that are commonly associated with cross-border activities that comprise a central element of […]

This brief examines the effectiveness of measures that aim to reduce non-violent offending by Indigenous people in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA. Drawing on the literature available, the […]

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The Law Enforcement Conduct Commission issued a final report in its long-running investigation about the NSW Police Force’s use of the Suspect Targeting Management Plan (STMP) on children and young […]

Although the ACT has the lowest rate of imprisonment of any Australian jurisdiction, and one of the lowest rates of Indigenous imprisonment, Indigenous people are still significantly overrepresented in the […]


This chapter provides details of an important crime prevention initiative, the Local Justice Initiatives Program, which is already operating in over 30 Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal communities in Queensland. […]

This report provides background notes for two workshops associated with the 2009 Community safety and indigenous peoples conference in Ottawa. Topics for the first workshop, on the main trends and […]

This paper provides a brief overview of current policies, strategies and projects relating to crime prevention among Indigenous communities in Australia, Canada, the United States and New Zealand. The report […]


This Handbook was published in 1990 to strengthen and draw on the special abilities of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities. It recognises and encourages community beliefs, customs and way […]

Despite the prevalence of Indigenous men’s support groups little is known about their strategies and outcomes. These support groups aim to empower men to take greater control and responsibility of […]