Support and advocacy for Indigenous young people on a regional basis : the CAYLUS model


The Central Australian Youth Link Up Service (CAYLUS) provides a service linking young people aged 5-25 years to diversionary activities and drug and alcohol treatment programs; and links remote communities with assistance in offering their young people an enhanced quality of life. They achieve this through implementing two key strategies. The first of these is to assess gaps in service provision to young people in the region, and to fill those gaps through a mixture of direct service provision, supporting other service providers, and advocating with policy makers to address the needs in the sector. The second key strategy is to identify and address problem areas and implement strategies to them. Examples are working towards reducing the supply of drugs and alcohol, and particularly of unleaded petrol; and to improve the capacity of the network of appropriate drug and alcohol treatment services. In its eight years of service, CAYLUS has had significant achievements in reducing petrol sniffing and other volatile substance misuse, building the capacity of youth services and improving the capacity of remote rehabilitation treatment services in Central Australia.

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