This report presents the findings of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs inquiry into Australia’s family law system, and recommendations to improve its response […]

Family violence mars the lives of a very large number of Indigenous Australians, helping to effectively disable many communities and deny future generations a basic chance for health, happiness and […]


This is a report of the Commission’s findings and recommendations into Queensland Police Service (QPS) responses to domestic and family violence. It is intended to be read alongside Behind the […]

The Victorian Government endorses the findings of the Final Report of the Victorian Indigenous Family Violence Task Force, which outlined a three stage process to develop and implement an Indigenous […]

This report deals with the small proportion of family violence incidents that become visible to the family law system. The study began following the 2006 reforms to the Family Law […]

Publishers: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare; Australian Institute of Family Studies, Resource Sheet, 37

Research in Australia as in other colonised societies has linked a collapse of traditional Indigenous institutions and roles to contemporary patterns of destructive behaviour, such as heavy alcohol consumption by […]


This plan provides strategic direction and sets out focus areas for action across the continuum of prevention, early intervention, response, recovery and healing from domestic and family violence. It also […]

Examination of Aboriginal help-seeking behaviour for family violence can provide critical insights to developing appropriate responses. This paper examines attitudes and experiences regarding help-seeking by Aboriginal people affected by family […]

Authors: Cripps, Kyllie

In 2003 the Victorian Indigenous Family Violence Task Force established that levels of violence were increasing and that responding to family violence required breaking a ‘silence of acceptance’ which allowed […]

The Special Taskforce on Domestic and Family Violence in Queensland (the Taskforce) was established in 2014 to define the domestic and family violence landscape in Queensland, and make recommendations to […]