The unique experience of family violence for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people calls for culturally aware and community-led healing programs. This research report distils ‘what works’ to support and […]

Publishers: Healing Foundation

This report is not justice specific but provides useful information on engaging members of the Stolen Generation. They are a high risk group for victimisation and offending as well as […]

The presentation introduces the idea of cultural safety as the stage following cultural awareness and its importance in healing trauma in indigenous communities. With illustrations from the Stan Daniels Correctional […]

This is a useful report that includes evaluation information, about the cost benefit of Aboriginal healing programs for the justice system. The report recommends that evaluation measures for future healing […]

Authors: Young, Mandy

Using the Canadian model of circle healing, especially for child sexual abuse cases, this presentation contains a series of talking points that draw on current research into cultural healing, and […]

Authors: Yeatman, Conrad

This presentation contains a series of talking points on the Queensland Indigenous Alcohol Diversion Program, a pilot program designed to break the alcohol-crime cycle, one of the primary causes of […]

Authors: Atkinson, Judy

This presentation contains a series of talking points discussing childhood trauma, including abuse and neglect, and ways of healing. These are the PowerPoint slides used as the basis of a […]

Authors: McGlade, Hannah

For a number of years, there have been many efforts by Indigenous women to establish effective and appropriate responses to family violence and to child sexual assault. The criminal justice […]

Publishers: NSW Ombudsman

This report outlines the findings and recommendations from the NSW Ombudsman’s audit of the implementation of the NSW Interagency Plan to Tackle Child Sexual Assault in Aboriginal Communities. The Interagency […]

This presentation outlines the functions of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service and what they consider a responsive criminal justice system for Indigenous offenders should contain. These are […]