Figures for 1999 New South Wales Local Court appearances show that Aboriginal defendants are more likely to be refused bail or have heavier conditions placed upon bail where it is […]

The Queensland Conditional Bail Program targets young people who the courts believe are unlikely to comply with bail conditions and may be remanded in custody. It assists them to successfully […]

This Research Brief examines the impact of bail on Indigenous criminal justice outcomes in Australia and New Zealand. It adopts an international comparative perspective both to diversify the policy discourse […]

In 2017-18, in response to the Bourke Street incident, the Victorian Government changed the bail laws to make it easier to lock people up before criminal charges are finalised. The […]

Publishers: New South Wales Law Reform Commission, Report, 133

This report finds that a new, simplified Bail Act is required. The report was made pursuant to a referral by the Attorney General. In highlighting the need to simplify the […]

Authors: Hunyor, Jonathon

The Commonwealth Crimes Amendment (Bail and Sentencing) Act 2006 was introduced following significant media attention in 2005-06 which focused on allegations of widespread family violence and child abuse in remote […]

Authors: Pheeney, David

The evolution of bail laws in New South Wales (NSW) is critiqued in the context of public debate, political comments and competing interest groups. It is argued that over the […]

All Australian Governments agree that customary law in no way justifies, authorises or requires violence or sexual abuse against women and children. This media release announces that the Commonwealth is […]

This Brief examines programs that are designed to assist a person to successfully complete their bail period. From a review of the Australian and international literature, principles of best practice […]

The Government aims to ensure that people will be safe and their property secure, the justice system is a key enabler in achieving this goal. In it’s operations, Parliament stated […]