Self-determination has long appeared in Indigenous criminal justice policy as a conceptual foundation underpinning policy applications. However, few policy discussions have focused on the contours of self-determination as a concept […]

A range of legislative models for the delivery of child welfare services to Indigenous communities have developed in a number of countries within different historical and political contexts. In each […]

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On 2 November the IJC held a Forum on Indigenous Data Sovereignty and had the privilege to hear from the following speakers.  The recording of Session One can be viewed […]

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Complementing the influential body of literature that analyses the social and cultural determinants of health, the paper considers some implications of the mounting evidence that Indigenous nation building for self-governed […]

In November 2001 a forum for government and non-government service providers and community members was held to raise awareness of the problem of volatile substance misuse in Mount Isa and […]

This report examines the changes in the prevalence and nature of self-inflicted deaths in prison over 34 years, comparing data from 1980 to 1998 and 1999 to 2013. While a […]

It seems clear that child sexual assault is chronically under reported in Indigenous communities and that prosecution levels are low. This article examines the prevalence of child sexual assault in […]

The New South Wales Legal Aid Commission’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Family Mediation Program (ATSIFAM) was a pilot family dispute resolution service designed to meet the needs of Indigenous […]

This article argues that structural racism systematically disadvantages Indigenous peoples in the contemporary politico-legal environment. The most recent example of institutional racism is the Commonwealth Intervention, enacted in 2007, which […]

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The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples recognises international norms and evolving human rights standards pertaining to Indigenous peoples. While some of the rights elaborated in the […]