Davis, Megan

This is one of a series of Background Papers that the Law Reform Commission of Western Australia has commissioned for the purposes of its reference on Aboriginal customary laws (Project […]

In their 2012 brief for the Indigenous Justice Clearinghouse, Kyllie Cripps and Megan Davis described a range of programs to reduce Indigenous family violence. They concluded that Indigenous communities are […]

In recent years Indigenous advocacy for constitutional reform has increased. It is often assumed that reform would improve the position of Australia?s first peoples, but this assumption is not always […]

This brief outlines the Constitutional Reform and Indigenous Peoples project, which will examine the history of constitutional development relating to Indigenous people since Federation, evaluate the current position of Indigenous […]

In this special edition of the Australian Indigenous Law Review, the range of Australian jurisdictions’ law and practice relating to coronial recommendations are considered, with a particular focus on Indigenous […]

This is the first report of a research project on experiences of Indigenous victims of sexual violence in the criminal justice system. In this phase, the project examines the way […]

Authors: Davis, Megan

The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples recognises international norms and evolving human rights standards pertaining to Indigenous peoples. While some of the rights elaborated in the […]