Western Australia

This report provides an estimate of the annual cost savings to the Western Australian Government of proactively diverting young offenders from the court system and from detention in remand in […]

Indigenous people experience a disproportionately high burden of interpersonal violence. This paper compares the demographic characteristics and injury circumstances of male and female Indigenous Australians hospitalised due to interpersonal violence […]

The aims of the Derby/West Kimberley project were to increase awareness and understanding of domestic violence in the Derby community; to develop and implement culturally appropriate strategies for the intervention […]

This is the second edition of a benchbook designed to alert the Western Australian judiciary to cross cultural issues which may arise in the course of the conduct of trials […]

From December 2000 to October 2006 the Law Reform Commission of Western Australia undertook a detailed inquiry into the recognition of Aboriginal law and culture in Western Australia. Over this […]


Aboriginal people experience family violence at disproportionately high rates with devastating impacts on their own health and wellbeing, and on the health and wellbeing of their families and community. The […]

This article presents the findings of recent research involving stakeholders in the Children’s Court of Western Australia (CCWA). This research found that the needs of Aboriginal children and their families […]

Authors: Hudson, Sara

Alcohol abuse has a corrosive effect on individuals and whole communities, increasing violence, abuse, unemployment, debt and ill health. This monograph starts by looking at the harms excessive alcohol consumption […]

Authors: King, Michael

Therapeutic jurisprudence asserts that court processes potentially impact participant wellbeing. Court processes developed with a view to promoting wellbeing or at least limiting any negative impact upon wellbeing can advance […]


This evaluation reviewed the effectiveness of, and community attitudes towards, increased restrictions on the availability of alcohol in Tennant Creek, NT. Estimates of alcohol consumption, admissions data from the local […]