Gray, Dennis

The aim of this project was to examine and report on the impact of various alcohol control measures on levels of alcohol consumption and related harm in Central Australia for […]

This literature review was undertaken as part of a larger project concerned with the development of resources to enhance the education and training of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers […]


This evaluation reviewed the effectiveness of, and community attitudes towards, increased restrictions on the availability of alcohol in Tennant Creek, NT. Estimates of alcohol consumption, admissions data from the local […]

This paper describes the evaluation of the Karalundi Peer Support and Skills Training Program (WA), an Indigenous health promotion program aimed at enhancing self-esteem and reducing drug use among Aboriginal […]

This volume brings together a number of journal articles and book chapters on Indigenous Australian drug and alcohol research by the National Drug Research Institute at Curtin University of Technology. […]

Authors: Gray, Dennis

Usually at the instigation of Indigenous community organisations, licensing authorities around Australia have imposed restrictions in a number of localities in remote and rural Australia. Evaluations of these restrictions have […]

As part of a two phase project commissioned by the Australian National Council on Drugs, this report identifies alcohol and other drug intervention projects conducted by or for Indigenous Australians […]

It is a commonly held view amongst those working in the Alcohol and other Drug sector that there is a need for further services for Indigenous Australians. This report prepared […]

The Aboriginal Alcohol and Drug Council’s Makin Tracks project, which began in 1999, aimed, among other things, to develop a multi strategy plan for intervention strategies for Aboriginal solvent and […]

For many societies, the consumption of alcohol and its related outcomes are deeply embedded in cultural, economic, legal and health systems. Yet alcohol is not an ‘ordinary commodity’. It is […]