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It is gradually being recognised by both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians that getting contemporary Indigenous governance right is fundamental to improving Indigenous well-being and generating sustained socioeconomic development. This collection […]

Authors: Sanders, William

This paper explores the complex and never-ending dialectic between equality and difference in Australian Indigenous affairs. It begins with examples from debates over the inclusion of Aboriginal people in the […]

This is the second research report by the Indigenous Community Governance Project. ICGP is exploring the nature of Indigenous community governance in Australia – to understand what works, what doesn’t […]

Policy development in Indigenous affairs often proceeds with dated estimates of population and with little understanding of the likely impact of changing demographic parameters on future Indigenous population size and […]

Indigenous Australian females are under-represented in the Australian labour force and in employment. According to the population census of 2006, 49% of Indigenous females were in the labour force compared […]

Authors: Biddle, Nicholas

According to the 2006 Census, around three-quarters of Indigenous Australians live in regional areas or major cities. This represents a small, but noticeable increase from previous census years, especially in […]

A range of Indigenous population dynamics play out underneath the demographic picture that can be constructed from official statistics. Primary among these are temporary mobility practices. Although temporary movements are […]

Authors: Taylor, John

There is a compelling need for fresh perspective on the policy implications of Indigenous demographic trends. Current frameworks for considering the structural situation of Indigenous peoples are increasingly focused on […]

The Repeat Offenders Database, which has been collated by the New South Wales Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research, offers a unique opportunity to analyse data quality issues for an […]

The notion of ‘closing the gaps’ has attracted considerable attention in Australia during the early days of the new Rudd government elected in November 2007. This is partly because while […]