Biddle, Nicholas

Data collection needs to be improved to enable sensible life course comparisons either within the Indigenous population or between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. A proposal is made for a ‘hypothetical […]

Policy development in Indigenous affairs often proceeds with dated estimates of population and with little understanding of the likely impact of changing demographic parameters on future Indigenous population size and […]

Authors: Biddle, Nicholas

According to the 2006 Census, around three-quarters of Indigenous Australians live in regional areas or major cities. This represents a small, but noticeable increase from previous census years, especially in […]

The notion of ‘closing the gaps’ has attracted considerable attention in Australia during the early days of the new Rudd government elected in November 2007. This is partly because while […]

In the United Nations Development Programme Gender-related Development Index, Australia ranks in the top five across 179 countries, suggesting that women are achieving similar outcomes to men in life expectancy, […]