Daly, Kathleen

Indigenous sentencing courts were established in 1999 to increase trust between Indigenous people and white justice, and to strengthen Indigenous communities. This article highlights the findings from the first in-depth […]

This report presents the first qualitative study of how Indigenous offenders view the court process and the role of Indigenous Elders, with reference to the Nowra Circle Court in New […]

Since 1999, a number of Indigenous sentencing courts have been established in Australia that use Indigenous community representatives to talk to a defendant about their offending and to assist a […]

Publishers: Griffith University

The directions that responses to crime are moving are discussed: the first being innovative, promising to change established forms of criminal justice; the second being repetitive, to intensify established forms […]

Authors: Daly, Kathleen

The literature that has emerged around restorative justice often claims that restorative justice delivers more effective justice, partly because it offers community members and organisations a far wider role than […]

Authors: Daly, Kathleen

This lecture discusses the articulation between the new justice practices of restorative justice and Indigenous justice, and the politics of race and gender. The speaker describes the findings from her […]