Review of Effective Practice in Juvenile Justice


Prepared for the New South Wales Minister for Juvenile Justice as part of a broader review of the juvenile justice system, this report identifies and describes effective practice in juvenile justice. It reviews international and Australian juvenile justice systems and draws from the ‘what works’ literature to evaluate a range of programs, including traditional penal and ‘get tough’ programs and juvenile incarceration. Specific issues of reducing Indigenous overrepresentation, and realising and coordinating whole-of-community action are also discussed. The report will be used to build a comprehensive evidence base from Australia and overseas in order to test current practice and new ideas in the NSW context. The purpose of the review was to provide the basis for a plan for future policy, programs, and practices within the NSW juvenile justice system. This plan was developed through the identification of emerging trends, evaluation of existing government legislation, policy and practices, with the aim of reducing re-offending. In doing so, the review took into account relevant national and international research, and provides the costs and benefits of various strategies and options available to the NSW Government.

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