This is a report of the Commission’s findings and recommendations into Queensland Police Service (QPS) responses to domestic and family violence. It is intended to be read alongside Behind the […]

From December 2000 to October 2006 the Law Reform Commission of Western Australia undertook a detailed inquiry into the recognition of Aboriginal law and culture in Western Australia. Over this […]

Publishers: Victorian Government

The plan outlines the challenges faced by parents and how the Government and community can together support them in caring and providing opportunities for their young children. Recognising that many […]

Discusses the ways in which the Australian Law Reform Commission engages with Indigenous stakeholders and outlines how Indigenous people can be more actively involved in the process of law reform.

Publishers: Queensland Government

This strategy sets out the Queensland Government’s whole of government approach to reducing domestic and family violence over the period 2009-2014. This focused on five areas of reform: prevention; early […]


This chapter describes programs and services developed by the Queensland Government to focus on the causes of crime in Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal communities. The initiatives include the Torres […]

The Inquiry finds the Northern Territory child protection system is in crisis for several reasons: including insufficient resources; the number of notifications of children formally identified as at risk which […]

The Family Relationships Commission (FRC), a project of the Cape York Welfare Reform, holds conferences with individual community members who are welfare recipients and who have been identified as failing […]

Authors: Lampard, Murray

Following the release of Magistrate Sue Gordon’s report in 2002, the Premier of Western Australia, Dr Geoff Gallop, announced funding of $75 million for initiatives aimed at combating child abuse […]

Publishers: Queensland Government

Just Futures (This Strategy) aims to improve safety in Queensland’s Indigenous communities and to reduce the over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as victims and offenders and in […]