Courts and sentencing

The Law and Justice Foundation has developed a new database for the Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT) Ltd to assist with planning their Criminal Law Practice services. About the project In […]

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Authors: King, Michael

Therapeutic jurisprudence asserts that court processes potentially impact participant wellbeing. Court processes developed with a view to promoting wellbeing or at least limiting any negative impact upon wellbeing can advance […]

Publishers: NSW Audit Office

This report evaluates the participation of Aboriginal people in the NSW Magistrates Early Referral into Treatment program (MERIT). Launched as a pilot program in 2000 in Lismore, NSW, MERIT has […]

This database contains summaries of reports of Australian criminal law cases that consider Aboriginality – the Aboriginal background of the defendant, their cultural practice or the customary law of their […]

IJC Research Brief 19 provides new insights into Indigenous women’s offending by examining previously unpublished police and court data for the period 2010-2012. While there are differences across the selected […]

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This report presents reviews the effectiveness of ADVOs in protecting victims of domestic violence. Included in the report is a brief overview of current research on the protective effectiveness of […]

This report, undertaken by the Crime and Misconduct Commission, describes the key findings of the Offending Persons Across the Lifecourse (OPAL) project which examines the risks and needs of Queensland’s […]


This section of the report covers crime, safety and justice issues in Indigenous communities. The section discusses various models of cooperative justice, including the Koori Court in Victoria and circle […]

Authors: Siegel, Natalie

Over a six-month period beginning July 2000, the author researched eight different Bush Courts in remote communities throughout the Northern Territory and Western Australia, and evaluated the level of legal […]

Circle sentencing for Aboriginal offenders was introduced in New South Wales on a trial basis at Nowra in February 2002. This article summarises the findings of a review and evaluation […]