Putt, Judy

There have been many varied approaches over time to engage Aboriginal people as a part of the police service. One such has been creating Indigenous liaison officers to act as […]

Knowledge about sexual violence against women from Indigenous and culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds is scant. Anecdotally, levels of sexual violence are purported to be high, but national victimisation surveys […]


This report from the AIC’s Research and Public Policy series (no 111) is a collection of chapters from authors who have worked closely and collaboratively with police. It provides an […]

Authors: Putt, Judy

There have been recent attempts to improve research practice involving Indigenous people in Australia and internationally by providing funding for Indigenous-specific research institutes, dedicated funding for Indigenous academics and research […]

Under the 2009 Closing the Gap in the Northern Territory National Partnership Agreement, a two year trial (ended 30 June 2013) of sworn Community Engagement Police Officers (CEPOs) in eight […]

Authors: Putt, Judy

First established in 2006 in Alice Springs, the Substance Abuse Intelligence Desk (SAID) has expanded over the past five years to include Dog Operation Units (DOUs) and funding for additional […]

The advice in this guide is intended for police and police organisations looking to review their approaches to policing illicit drug use and reducing drug-related harms among Aboriginal and Torres […]

Concerned about the likely impacts of heavy cannabis use in rural and remote communities and recognising the need to equip police with advice on ways to work more effectively with […]