Since 1999, a number of Indigenous sentencing courts have been established in Australia that use Indigenous community representatives to talk to a defendant about their offending and to assist a […]

This paper The current controversy with respect to mandatory minimum sentencing laws takes place within a wider context of a general discussion on sentencing reform. This discussion has generally focused […]

Authors: Brown, David

This paper will give a ‘criminological perspective’ on mandatory sentencing. It will however largely avoid the issues of the effect of mandatory sentencing provisions on the judicial process and judicial […]

Circle sentencing commenced in New South Wales in February 2002 in Nowra Local Court. Since then the program has been expanded to Armidale, Bourke, Brewarrina, Dubbo, Kempsey, Lismore, Mount Druitt […]

This report presents a descriptive profile of the Koori Court, including contextual information on the background and development of the court and its philosophy, aims and jurisdiction. While Koori Court […]

Authors: Harris, Mark,

Within the last few years there has been an increasing trend in Australia towards the recognition of what can be loosely called ‘Aboriginal courts’, more specifically called ‘Nunga courts’, ‘Murri […]

Circle sentencing is an alternative method of sentencing Aboriginal offenders which involves the offender’s community in the sentencing process. This bulletin considers whether people who participate in circle sentencing show […]

The effectiveness of Indigenous criminal courts is regularly debated in the public sphere with the many claiming these courts to promote ‘soft Indigenous justice’. There are many differences in the […]

Internationally, sentencing research has largely neglected the impact of Indigeneity on sentencing outcomes. Using data from Western Australia’s higher courts for the years 2003-05, we investigate the direct and interactive […]

This report presents key findings and recommendations developed as part of an independent evaluation of Queensland’s Remote Justices of the Peace (Magistrates Court) Program (JP Court program), conducted by researchers […]