Authors: Storry, Kirsten

This article discusses how Anti-corruption theory can be applied to over and under policing to help us diagnose the problem and work towards a treatment program, but it will not […]

Authors: Weber, Leanne

The appointment of liaison officers to act as bridges to vulnerable or hard to reach communities is a standard application of a community policing philosophy, and one that would seem […]

The South Australia Police Future Directions Strategy, published in 2003, committed its members to maximising participation of diverse community groups in policing programs and strategies. To that end, South Australia […]

Concerned about the likely impacts of heavy cannabis use in rural and remote communities and recognising the need to equip police with advice on ways to work more effectively with […]

Authors: Lampard, Murray

Following the release of Magistrate Sue Gordon’s report in 2002, the Premier of Western Australia, Dr Geoff Gallop, announced funding of $75 million for initiatives aimed at combating child abuse […]

Authors: Putt, Judy

First established in 2006 in Alice Springs, the Substance Abuse Intelligence Desk (SAID) has expanded over the past five years to include Dog Operation Units (DOUs) and funding for additional […]

Since the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, the issues of relations between police and Indigenous people, the detention of Indigenous people in police custody and the overrepresentation of […]

Following an evaluation of the impact of increased police presence in 18 communities, this report examines how to improve policing services and extend these services to more communities. It involved […]

Whilst sexual assault and child abuse within the Northern Territory Aboriginal communities receives the most attention from the media and from government programs, it is the lower level-type offending that […]

Authors: Bartels, Lorana

This report is a literature review on Indigenous women’s offending patterns. To date, research in this area has been limited and the report therefore provides an important contribution to growing […]