Willis, Matthew J

There have been many varied approaches over time to engage Aboriginal people as a part of the police service. One such has been creating Indigenous liaison officers to act as […]

This report on the development of a community safety survey arose from a need for a greater level of awareness about the behaviours and circumstances that affect community safety and […]

Diversion from the youth justice system is a critical goal for addressing the over-representation of Indigenous young people in the criminal justice system. In this report, four programs identified under […]

This report outlines the results of a workshop that was held in Mildura, Victoria on 5 and 6 August 2008. The theme of the workshop was ‘policing substance abuse in […]

In 2007, concerns about the exposure of Indigenous children to pornography and links between the use of pornography and sexual abuse of children led the Northern Territory Attorney-General to approach […]

It is widely acknowledged is that Indigenous Australians experience violent victimisation at markedly higher rates than other Australians. However, as in all communities, some individuals, even within the same group, […]

Provides an overview of trends and issues emerging from analysis of data collected by the Australian Institute of Criminology under the National Deaths in Custody Program