Australian Capital Territory

In Canberra, members of the Indigenous population are five times more likely to be affected by family violence than the non-Indigenous population. The purpose of this study is to examine […]

Authors: ACT Government

This report highlights the ACT’s progress on Closing the Gap on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander disadvantage. It has been long recognised that the Council of Australian Governments’ initiative to […]

Although the ACT has the lowest rate of imprisonment of any Australian jurisdiction, and one of the lowest rates of Indigenous imprisonment, Indigenous people are still significantly overrepresented in the […]

Authors: Gamble, Seranie

This article briefly describes a number of alternative courts for sentencing Indigenous offenders which have been established throughout Australia. The initiatives described are circle sentencing in New South Wales; Koori […]

This directory was published in 2006 to improve access to civil law services for Aboriginal people in NSW and the ACT. In early 2008, an evaluation project was set up […]

Authors: Hartley, Jackie

Legislative bills of rights in Australia include the Human Rights Act 2004 (ACT) (‘HRA’) and the Responsibilities Act 2006 (Vic) (‘Charter’). Focusing on the rights and the interpretive method set […]

This paper presents a summary of the information collected during FaHCSIA’s community engagement qualitative trial undertaken in the Australian Capital Territory metropolitan region and the Queanbeyan region as part of […]

This project will examine ways of improving the criminal justice response for Indigenous victims of family violence, and to identify why Indigenous victims may be reluctant to proceed with prosecution.

Authors: Daly, Kathleen

The literature that has emerged around restorative justice often claims that restorative justice delivers more effective justice, partly because it offers community members and organisations a far wider role than […]

This report highlights the need for leadership and improved regional efforts in tackling the rates of suicide in Australia. Qualitative survey data is relied upon extensively throughout. The findings are […]