New Zealand

Authors: Roth, Lenny

This e-brief provides a review of Australian and international studies on the relationship between Indigenous lives and cultural attachment and related socio-economic outcomes. Using statistical information on language and culture […]

This paper highlights the need for alternative prevention and intervention strategies to curb the ?epidemic? of family violence within Aotearoa New Zealand. The paper discusses the context of violence and […]

This report covers the proceedings of the wananga hosted by Te Puni Kokiri, 24 June 2010, Brentwood Hotel Wellington, New Zealand. The purpose of the wananga was primarily an opportunity […]

Maori are disproportionately over-represented in criminal justice statistics to an alarming degree. This paper attempts to shed light on why this is so. It examines the issue by considering the […]

The Mahi Tahi Trust works with prison inmates and their whanau (family), helping them to discover and recover traditional Maori principles, values and disciplines. The work is centred on four […]

Authors: Daly, Kathleen

The literature that has emerged around restorative justice often claims that restorative justice delivers more effective justice, partly because it offers community members and organisations a far wider role than […]

Authors: Stubbs, Julie

The debate surrounding the use of restorative justice (RJ) for domestic violence and sexual assault offences is becoming increasingly complex. The author examines the theoretical constraints on the ability of […]


In common law countries that have been colonized, the colonized peoples are overrepresented in criminal justice statistics and in rates of incarceration. Sentencing laws and court processes have, for some […]

The rate of imprisonment of Indigenous people in Australia and New Zealand continues to be unacceptably high. Indigenous people are more likely to return to prison than are non-Indigenous people. […]

The IJC has released a podcast series called: INITIATIVE Here you’ll find regular conversations with leading experts on a wide range of initiatives and strategies, including the role of culture […]