Anthony, Thalia

This study examines the incidence of Indigenous driving offending in the Northern Territory since 2006 and assesses the effectiveness of law enforcement in addressing this crime. The research method has […]

Whilst sexual assault and child abuse within the Northern Territory Aboriginal communities receives the most attention from the media and from government programs, it is the lower level-type offending that […]

Authors: Anthony, Thalia

This paper explores the late-modern shifts in the characterisation of Indigenous offenders in sentencing judgments and legislation in New South Wales and the Northern Territory. It considers whether David Garland’s […]


In common law countries that have been colonized, the colonized peoples are overrepresented in criminal justice statistics and in rates of incarceration. Sentencing laws and court processes have, for some […]

Following the intrusion of non-Indigenous police officers, including a female officer, on a restricted Walpiri ceremony ground in Lajamanu (northern Tanami Desert, Northern Territory), this article highlights the conflict between […]