Cripps, Kyllie

Often service providers find Indigenous victims of violence with disabilities as a group ‘too hard to handle’. In Victoria, assistance to that group is likely to be unavailable or inappropriate […]

Authors: Cripps, Kyllie

In June 2007 the Federal Government announced a range of ’emergency measures’ to combat sexual abuse against indigenous children in the Northern Territory. Indigenous community members experiencing violence know however, […]

In 2008 the Victorian Government launched a ten year plan to address Indigenous family violence. This paper critically reflects on the status of this plan two year after its launch. […]

This is the first report of a research project on experiences of Indigenous victims of sexual violence in the criminal justice system. In this phase, the project examines the way […]

Authors: Cripps, Kyllie

In 2003 the Victorian Indigenous Family Violence Task Force established that levels of violence were increasing and that responding to family violence required breaking a ‘silence of acceptance’ which allowed […]

The objective of this study was to identify individual and household factors associated with violence among Australian Indigenous women and dependent children. Univariate and multivariate analysis of data from the […]