Issues of Indigenous disadvantage and dysfunction are before our eyes more frequently and more prominently than ever before. Barely a day goes by without another chilling and heartbreaking story of […]

A clear message that came out of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody was that for policy to be developed successfully, input from the Indigenous community was indispensable. […]

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This article examines the ethical considerations that need to be addressed when conducting research with Indigenous (and other marginalised) communities, including a need to ensure that appropriate cultural protocols are […]

This brief outlines the Constitutional Reform and Indigenous Peoples project, which will examine the history of constitutional development relating to Indigenous people since Federation, evaluate the current position of Indigenous […]

It is gradually being recognised by both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians that getting contemporary Indigenous governance right is fundamental to improving Indigenous well-being and generating sustained socioeconomic development. This collection […]


Family Matters report is an annual report that highlights progress towards achieving SNAICC’s goal that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people grow up safe and cared for […]

This is the second research report by the Indigenous Community Governance Project. ICGP is exploring the nature of Indigenous community governance in Australia – to understand what works, what doesn’t […]

The obsession with the issue of the recognition of customary law has focused on the content of rules and customs rather than on the process of governing social relations, and […]

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On 2 November the IJC held a Forum on Indigenous Data Sovereignty and had the privilege to hear from the following speakers.  The recording of Session One can be viewed […]

Based on a description of traditional methods of Indigenous dispute resolution and an analysis of the ways in which seemingly neutral laws contain and create bias, this chapter describes the […]