Authors: Siegel, Natalie
Publishers: Monash University ,

Over a six-month period beginning July 2000, the author researched eight different Bush Courts in remote communities throughout the Northern Territory and Western Australia, and evaluated the level of legal […]

Authors: Tomaino, John

This information bulletin outlines the development of the Aboriginal Courts in South Australia. Some preliminary statistics are presented for the three adult Nunga courts currently operating in South Australia, namely […]

This report examines the link between sentencing in the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria and the over-representation of Koori people in Victoria’s prisons. The focus of this examination is a comparison […]

Publishers: Australian Law Reform Commission, ALRC Reports, 133

In 2017, the Attorney-General of Australia launched an inquiry into the reasons for over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres St Islander people in prison in Australia. The Law Reform Commission developed […]

This background paper seeks to examine those principles and obligations as they apply to Australia’s mandatory sentencing laws. It provides a review of the range of mandatory sentencing regimes across […]

Authors: Hunyor, Jonathon

The Commonwealth Crimes Amendment (Bail and Sentencing) Act 2006 was introduced following significant media attention in 2005-06 which focused on allegations of widespread family violence and child abuse in remote […]

Circle Courts are designed to educate the community on issues surrounding offending and the promotion and enrichment of Aboriginal culture and family values. Circle sentencing operates on the belief that […]

Authors: Gamble, Seranie

This article briefly describes a number of alternative courts for sentencing Indigenous offenders which have been established throughout Australia. The initiatives described are circle sentencing in New South Wales; Koori […]

Authors: Flynn, Martin

Important authorities such as Neal v The Queen (1982) and R v Fernando (1992) have established that the Aboriginality of a defendant is a relevant consideration when formulating a sentence. […]

This brief focuses on Indigenous sentencing courts, which operate in all Australian states and territories except Tasmania. These courts have been established according to protocols and practices, and can be […]