Northern Territory

The mission of the Northern Territory Correctional Service is to contribute to the overall government approach of building safer communities through providing safe, secure, humane custody, while reducing crime through […]

20 years after the release of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody (RCIADIC) report, which noted the need to reduce Aboriginal incarceration, Indigenous imprisonment continues to rise alongside […]

Authors: Kelly, Vince

The Northern Territory Police Force launch an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the deaths in custody of Terrance Briscoe. Terrance was admitted to the Alice Springs Police Watch House for […]

In 2010, five white men were convicted of manslaughter for their part in an attack on an Aboriginal man that led to his death. Each was sentences to custodial terms […]

Authors: Waite, Graham

The Commonwealth and Northern Territory Governments signed an agreement on 27 July 2000 to enable the diversion of juveniles from the criminal justice system and to provide for joint funding […]

The aim of this project was to examine and report on the impact of various alcohol control measures on levels of alcohol consumption and related harm in Central Australia for […]

In June 2007, the Australian Government responded to the report of the Northern Territory Board of Inquiry into Protection of Aboriginal Children with the announcement of a package of 12 […]

The two legal aid services undertook research into policing under the Northern Territory intervention, particularly in a group of 14 communities that were provided with a police station. They found […]

Engaging Aboriginal communities in the context of family violence, drug and alcohol use in rural and remote Aboriginal communities is a huge topic. In this paper, the author focuses on […]

This study examines the incidence of Indigenous driving offending in the Northern Territory since 2006 and assesses the effectiveness of law enforcement in addressing this crime. The research method has […]